Enlighten yourself

Before starting this post, I would like to ask a simple question. What do you understand by the title above? What is enlightenment?

If you think that enlightenment is worshipping god all the time, Leaving all the worldly desires, Meditating throughout the life without food and water and performing tough rituals, Then you are wrong.

Elightenment is actually burning the wick of your soul, bringing all your force together in your control, and gaining your 100 percent potential in everything. Its just about getting out of the old rat-race in which all the ordinary people run.

The richest and the popular people have this ability. And trust me, they are the true ‘enlightened’ persons.

Earning life is far better than earning money, as with all of your money, you can’t even rent a piece of life. But through a little piece of life, you can attain happiness – The thing far precious than tonnes of diamonds and jewels.

Enlightenment means a proper balance of body, mind and soul. If this state is attained one reaches its full potential.

Controlling your body and maintaining it is very simple and can be done through some exercise and a healthy diet. Controlling soul is a little bit hard, but can be achieved through yoga and meditation.

But controlling mind is a big deal. It is what this is all about. By my views here are some steps to control it :

  • Control your anger: The first and the toughest problem is controlling your anger. The first problem that comes in it is you make it your behaviour. This is an natural and common problem and has many solutions, like reading good books. The second problem: if you get angry rarely but you get very furious. What you can do is change its way. For example, if your boss scolds you to be late and you think of leaving the job, hold it right there. Think it like this,’ Who is he to scold me. I’ll prove myself to him by coming 30 minutes beforehand.’

To be continued…….

18 thoughts on “Enlighten yourself

  1. My friend, I am a true believer in Jesus Christ as my enlightener. (notice, I did not say christian) He lives in my spiritual heart and encourages, thru the Word (our Bilble) the very things you are saying but His Holy Spirit gives us the power to do so. You are right in that we should take care of our physical and mental self. We do this by reading The Word and letting Him doing the work in us. TY my friend for the words of wisdom.:))

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  2. I may not have reached ‘enlightenment’ myself but I know a couple of people who have. I would say that an important part of their enlightenment is that they have explored spirituality. This is not just religion but our place in the universe and the meaning of that place. Enlightenment bestows serenity on those who have achieved it. I am on the journey toward enlightenment and i enjoyed reading your post very much.

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