Enlighten yourself -3

He saw the Hermit. The Hermit was very old, weak and bony. He was digging for making a plot of land for cultivation. The king asked him,

“O wise hermit, I have come here to get the answers of my three questions. What is the right time to begin anything? Whom to listen and whom to avoid? What is the most important thing to do in your life? Please answer me.The hermit didn’t reply but kept digging the plot. The king took the shovel from him and started digging himself. After digging half of the plot, he asked the same question from him. He didn’t reply this time too. He said,”Now take some rest and let me dig. But the king did not give him the shovel and started digging again. He completed digging the plot and him again for the answers. He pointed to a man running to them and said, “Someone is coming. Let’s see who.A man came running and moaning. He fell and fainted near the king. Someone had tried to kill him. The king dressed the wounds and the person revived. Because of intense hardwork, The king fell asleep on the spot. When he woke up in the morning, he found the person whom he had helped sitting beside him. He said”forgive me.The king replied”I don’t know you, and have nothing to forgive you for.The man replied,”you don’t know me but I do. I was the man whose brother was killed by you and you siezed my property . In my feeling of revenge I thought of killing you. I searched for you in the castle but couldn’t find you. In my ambush, I came here to the forest but your Gaurds found me and identified me. They wounded me badly but I somehow escaped. If you wouldn’t have dressed my wounds, I would have died on the spot . Thank you. You have changed my heart. If you want, I would be your slave for my entire life and bring my son’s to do so as well.” The king was very happy to have made peace with his enemy and returned him his property. He asked the king again the three questions. He said, “You’ve been answered!” The king replied,”When have you answered me? I don’t know what you mean.” The hermit explained,”if you came here but went without digging a bed for my plants, This man could have killed you. So the right time was the time at which you were digging, I was the most important person then, and the most important thing to do was digging me a plot. When you saw the bearded man, he was the most important person then, the right time was when you were dressing his wounds, and the most important thing to do was saving his life”

“This means that the most important time is the present, The most important person is the person nearest to you at that time and the most important work is to do him good.”

What is the moral of the story comment it.

To be continued…….

20 thoughts on “Enlighten yourself -3

  1. A wonderful tale. It reminded me of the story of the Good Samaritan. Do you know it? A traveler was set upon by bandits, beaten, and robbed of all he had. A priest came by and saw the man lying injured, but went by. A temple assistant next came by, and saw the man. But he crossed the road to avoid him. Finally, a Samaritan came by. Now the Samaritans were a Jewish sect not well respected by other Jews. But the Samaritan took pity on the injured traveler, bandaged his wounds, and brought him to an inn. He instructed the innkeeper to care for the traveler until he recovered, leaving money for that purpose. Jesus told the story to show that we are all neighbors. You can find it in the Bible at Luke 10: 25-37. ❤ ❤ ❤

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