Enlighten yourself- 4

The story we read before means, use your potential in the present, don’t save it for future, for you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Secondly, use your power to

serve the people. You came without anything, and you’ll go with the same. The only thing is, with what you get between this period, what you use it for? To be of use or to use? This makes a whole difference in our lives.

You know what we are called humans for? Because of humanity. It is the thing for which we called ourselves human beings. But now it is disappearing. This generation is full of inhuman characteristics.

The nations fight each other to death. Why? No reason. Instead of donating some money to the needy people who are starving for days, We eat out in hotels and go to watch a movie every week. Why is it so?

Are their lives made up of dirt and ours from the purest gold and emeralds? Why so difference? They’re humans, so we are. An act of kindness can cause a huge difference in our life. How? Let me explain.

When you’ll help someone for the first time without any greed, He would say you hearty thank you. That thank you will be the most precious thing in your life. You’ll want more Thank You’s from that day. After enough of them, you’ll think,’Why are there so many needy people around us?’. That’ll make you think all the good thoughts of humanity, kindness and peace.

After this, you’ll get to know that it’s not the person or the habits who make mistakes, they’re the situations which make him do it.

Now, you will start forgiving everyone, gaining the aquantaince of generosity. You’ll then start making peace with everything, removing hatred from your heart. Your life will never be the same as it was at the very beginning.

I hope this made you understand the consequence of making an unselfish act of kindness. Hope you like it.

To be continued………

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