Enlighten yourself -5

Long time no see! Sorry for the delay. Was busy for sometime. But now I’m free and ready to go.

After the three of these – Mind, Body and Soul, You think it’s over. Well, the real deal starts here. There’s a fourth part too, made up of a combination of these three. Personality. The way you walk, talk, see, look, feel, all comes under this. It is the true trait that brings successful people success. It should always be maintained, for it accompanies you from the the very first hour you’re born till your death.

The posts before were a starter.After this post, I’ll keep posting the methods of improving your personality and easy ways to help you achieve your achievements.

Thus post here goes on with some very important traits one can gain to become successful.

Have dignity: The most important thing to be a great man is to never lose your dignity. Never let anyone tell you that you are useless. If you were, why would have the Almighty, sent you down on this earth, which has given birth to a million of talented and undefeatable people.

Never be satisfied: Thinking many great people always say be satisfied. So why I am I saying this? Let me explain. Never be satisfied in achieving. After an achievement, start for the other. But the thing is, If you ever lose, never get upset. Don’t let your defeat’s tension give birth to another one. There are so many opportunities around the world. Just find them. One defeat doesn’t ruin your whole life.

If you can’t fly,run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But the matter is , Keep moving. —Martin Luther King

To be continued……

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