Enlighten yourself-7

Hello everyone today we are continuing our series of Enlighten yourself. In this series, we’re going to talk about enemies. Is it good or bad to have them? Why? What can we learn from them? How? Is it good or bad to run from them?

We’ll discuss answers to these questions.

Is it good or bad to have enemies: It is good to have enemies, very good even. But having too many of them will make a bad image of yours in the society. You shall choose your enemies. This is what successful people do. Can you imagine Steve Jobs competing with Jeff bezos? He competed with the android company because he can learn from it. Choose your enemies from the same field you’re working at. This will help you learn from them.

Why : So that you can learn from them.

What can we learn from them: You can learn almost everything from your enemies. If you have chosen right enemy, whenever he will make a mistake, you can learn from them without making the same mistake. This way you can improve yourself.

How : You have to make a habit of learning from both people and their mistakes. This can be done when you find out your mistakes from to deeds of other and improve them. Always keep improving.

Is it good or bad to run from them : Well it may be a very good thing to do so if they are to attack with full force. Run away and then when you get your day, with all of your might, attack them. Trust me, they’ll be crushed. But you should from them without any action they take against you. Have faith in yourself and bring up your 100% potential in everything. Remember, I said this is what enlightenment is all about.

Thank you. Hope you’ll inculcate this method of handling your enemies in your life.

To be continued………

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