Enlighten yourself – 8

If you haven’t read the previous posts, No worries! This has no relation to them. They are all on different topics that I think are of great use in the life of a successful person.

Today’s topic is something for which you live, something for which you work, and with which you may achieve the whole world.

It is FAITH. It is the thing that supports you in your bad times and controls you in your good. It gives you strength when you conquer others and guidance when others conquer you.

It tells you, “Oh don’t you dare run back. You have the wit, strength and focus to achieve this. Just one more risk and you’ll get what you deserve. If you run back you’ll be called a coward.”

This is what it literally is. If used correctly, it would give you anything that you can imagine. If not, then you’ll be a simple man running in the rat race for easy tasks, not for risky ones and you’ll live only as a human which came and went out of this world.

But the level of this power is in your hands.Some people try to diminish your faith by saying,“ One must not think of complex things and live a simple life.”

What would you do? Believe them or Ignore them?

If you believe them, you’re going to live an anonymous life. Ignore them and dream. Keep dreaming.Find ways to achieve them. If you win congrats! But if you lose, those people will laugh at you.

What an enlightened person would do is ignore them again, and try again. But this time with more experience. Then you’ll achieve it.

Let me explain this to you with the help of a story:

Once upon a time there was a man who worked as a servant in a rich person’s house. The house was enormous.The rich man had three AUDI cars with him. The servant took his son to the mansion and he saw those three cars. His son thought,‘One day I will give my father a huge mansion with three AUDI cars.’ He made this dream as his ambition.

One day in his school, he got an assignment of writing about his dream. He wrote the same dream of buying a mansion with three AUDI cars.

The teacher failed him saying that his dream was not of his level and impossible.

Thirty years after, The teacher went to a motivational speech of an very successful man. After the speech when everyone was leaving, the man came to the teacher and said,“Sir do you remember me? I am your student whom you have failed by saying that dream was not of level.”

What do you understand by the story? Comment it down below.

To be continued……

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