Enlighten yourself -9

Hello and welcome back to an another post of mine. Last time we read a story of a poor kid. And the moral of the story is


These four words are enough to motivate you, to force you you to collect all of your strength and put it on your goal,your ambition, your life!

What do you think would have happened with that boy if he didn’t gained faith of completing his dream? He wouldn’t have changed. He believed in himself and, there you go, He became successful. It was YOU who shaped your past. It is YOU who’s shaping your present. And it would be YOU who would be shaping your future.

Now let’s start another topic – impression. What do you think is the major quality that differentiates successful from the unsuccessful ones?

Let me give you an example. Do you know why diamonds are very precious? Not because of beauty, flowers are way more beautiful. Not because they’re rare, sometimes you find a whole mine of them.

It is because of its impression on others. You can crush a flower and it will cause you no harm. Crush a diamond, It doesn’t spare you. It will give you pain more than you can even imagine of. If you respect it, make an ornament of it, it would give you fame, respect, anything you want. That’s the difference.

Successful people put an impression on others that no one would gain anything by hurting them. And then no one comes in their way of success.

This is very helpful for those who are successful. For those who are Enlightened.

That’s all. Bye bye and see you soon.

To be continued……

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