International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. On this occasion, I recall G.B. Shaw, to whom I appreciate for establishing a respectable position of women in Europe. He rejected all the brackets which had confined the women.

I am referring to the Candida as a mouthpiece of the women. He was the first playwrighter who gave regards and rewards to the women. Many salutations to G.B. Shaw from my side for his contribution in uplifting of the women. Here are some quotes from his play ‘Candida’ :-

Think over it

First question a woman’s dignity who changes her surname and merges herself with it –

I never think or feel Mrs Morell:

It is always Candida.

Only that I have been making a fool of myself in private whilst you have been making a fool of yourself in public.

You can’t make a women like Candida love you by merely buttoning your collar at the back rather than the front.

A woman like that has a divine insight; she loves our souls, not our follies and illusions and vanities.

My wife is my wife……..

No law will bind her.

Shaw understood women as the queens of the house, not Housemaid wives :

I built a castle of love, comfort, indulgence for him. I make HIM the master here – though he doesn’t know it.

When I am thirty, she’s forty five. When I am sixty, she’s seventy five.

Again my sincere thanks to G.B. Shaw. Celebrate the dignity of the women and if you are, to be a woman. Woman is the most precious creation of Nature. Nature is the mother and Mother is a woman as well.

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