Blogger Recognition Awards!

Hello everyone this is Rachana Tripathi from the blog Rachana Trp., and I am very grateful to Dr.nimish for nominating me for Blogger Recognition Awards.


1.Write a post to show your award

2.Give a brief story of how your blog


3. Give two pieces of advice to new.


4. Thank whoever nominated you and

provide a link to their blog

5.Select 15 other blogs you want to give

the award to.

He is a fantastic blogger and I really recommend you all to visit his site. The link to his site his site is given below :

What are Blogger Recognition Awards?

The award is a way that we recognize and support each other as bloggers, and especially to show that we appreciate how much time, work, energy, and effort goes into producing and maintaining a high-quality blog. It is a humbling experience to be recognized from two of my fellow bloggers (and friends) this past week.

Advices for Beginners :

The two things that I want to share with Beginners are :

  • Stay consistent and don’t lose hope: no one gets success on the first try. Always keep trying until you gain enough attention and keep posting.
  • Give enough attention to your viewers: always keep in mind that your visitors are in your blogging. So always think about your users and never post anything that you think can hurt their sentiments.

How did I start?

Writing poems was one of my most favourite hobbies. I have been writing poems since when I was in my college, and I wrote my first poem at the age of 16 years.

Since that time, I have completed nearly a diary by writing poems. But they were of no use, until my son gave me the idea of creating a blog and uploading those poems on it.

And after that time I started my blog at 18th of January, 2018. And you all know what happened next.

Again so many thanks dear Nimish.You have called me Ma which is greatest respect for me .May God bless you!

My nominees are here-

1:Luisa Zambrota

2: Zealous Homo Sapiens

3: Berina


6: Deep Narayan Choubey

7: Chiru

8:Aashutosh Jha

9: Madhusudan sir


12:Lanus Christius

13: The Broken Specs

14:Mary Ann

15: Natasha Tungare

All the best and thanks to God πŸ™πŸ™

47 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Awards!

  1. very appropriate advices πŸ™‚
    thanks so much for accepting the nomination πŸ™‚
    you are not much active on wordpress these days …howzz u, i hope u r well and fine…Suyash ??

    Liked by 3 people

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